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Les Amis: 1 Year of Friendship

January 12, 2023

Celebrating our first birthday in the circle of close friends

One year ago, Les Amis set out to revolutionise the way women connect. We went on a mission to enable women to be more successful by bringing them together. To achieve this, we launched our platform and event marketplace with the goal of connecting ambitious women through unique experiences. Today, we're proud to say that we've accomplished just that and more!

Our Achievements

Our team was one of key factors in our success, true missionaries and stellar experts who have been driving our business and mission forward from Day 1. We also successfully launched and landed a Membership program that allows access to exclusive experiences and features, and helps bring our users even closer. Our Members made us blush a lot (always with their incredible feedback). Some of them mentioned Les Amis among the key highlights of 2022! (so proud). We did some math: since our launch, we helped thousands of people create over 6000 connections and received over 100 stellar reviews (some of them you can find here). 

Some of our lovely Members shared their feedback about Les Amis

Product Launches

This year we launched V1 of our product: activities marketplace, user profiles, friend lists and subscription management. Besides, we presented a V1 of our partner portal, with an ability to schedule events, manage payouts and more! 

In addition, we delivered some important product updates such as Random Ami - an algorithmic way to connect with community members 1 to 1, Community Board - a private space to discuss the most important matters, and Les Amis Points - an innovative and fun way to reward the most active members of our community. All in all, very busy!

Les Amis core product as we launched it this year

Events and Partners

We launched our marketplace, mobile web app and partner portal, which allowed women to discover and book unique experiences in Barcelona - our testbed and springboard. We onboarded over 50 event partners onto our platform, giving our members access to the vetted experiences in craft and art studios, sports and yoga centres, restaurants, hotels, and spas. All of these experiences done, as designed, with the most friendly, intimate and caring group of people - Les Amis users. In addition to that, we also launched Member-organised events - a great way for our members to express themselves, share their skills and knowledge, and connect with like-minded women.

Join us in celebrating what we’ve accomplished together: we've grown our team, launched new features, and had a ton of fun along the way. Thanks to all the members, partners and investors who have been a part of the Les Amis journey so far. And let’s dream big for what’s to come! 

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