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We collaborate with brands that share our values.

Les Amis provides brands with access to an international network of ambitious women who are changing the world.

Our Members value quality in everything they touch. They appreciate art, culture and music. They love design, travel and great food. And they support sustainable lifestyle.

"Les Amis organises Afternoon Tea and Weekend Brunch at El Palace hotel every month. The team is great to work with, and very diligent. After every event, we see many Stories and Posts on Instagram from Les Amis members about our hotel. We noticed a significant increase of engagement and followings across our social media accounts"

"Les Amis organised a trip to Can Rafols winery and several wine tastings in Barcelona. For us, it was a great opportunity to increase brand awareness - looking forward to having more events with Les Amis"

"Collaborating with Les Amis has been a great way for Kimpton Vividora to increase an exposure to international community locally. They organise monthly a brunch at Terraza de Vivi for its Members, which has been a great success. We received multiple mentions across our social media and some of the girls that knew us through them have become regular customers. The communication with them is always easy and it will be a pleasure for us to keep working with Les Amis."

"Les Amis hosted a series of wine tasting events at Matiz art gallery. They had a fantastic atmosphere and the event was very well organised. We also saw an uplift of followers on IG, and a few direct inquiries about our art"

If you wish to become our partner, please send your proposal or questions to