About us

Our story

We are on the mission to create a safe place for ambitious women to connect, support each other, and make lasting friendships.

Our Principles

We build our product and community based on the ethos of active participation, mutual support and joy. We focus on human connection in everything we do.
01 radical participation

Every member is a part of the whole, and forms this whole. Thus we encourage an active participation from each person in the community life: events, conversations and any other activities of our community.

02 radical self-expression

Don’t shy away from showing and sharing your talents, knowledge, interests or ideas.

03 communal action

As every member forms the whole, the community is striving to support and protect each member and her interests. No one will be left outside, and we as the community will always aim to help. Community can also decide to promote or support any cause that deemed important.

04 rewarding the work

Member can expect to be rewarded for any individual or group effort that brings value to the community. Every member of the community is encouraged to recognise the good work of other member via the mechanisms built into community.

05 mutual respect and support

It goes without saying that mutual respect is the paramount for treating friends. And while communication can take informal ways, we still want to keep it within respectable boundaries: no hate speech, condemnation or hatred will ever be allowed. Instead, every member is encouraged to support others and their work in the world.

06 care for the world

We care about other people, animals and nature.

07 joy shared

Les Amis is about light-hearted fun, playfulness and joy. So while remembering principles of our community, don’t forget to have fun ☺️

Anna & Oleg

We want to change how ambitious women build their social circle.

Anna is a tech professional with a few big corporations and senior roles under her belt. Throughout her career, she has always had a strong network of female mentors, and felt the desire to pay back. When she moved away from home, she realised the need to build her social network once again, which wasn't easy. That's how the idea for Les Amis was created - a safe space for ambitious women like herself to connect, enjoy time together, and support each other.

Oleg has joined Anna on this mission to enable every woman to achieve more. Growing up surrounded by women, he has embraced the idea of sisterhood early on. Now he is excited about the opportunity to help women connect using technology.

Apart from their careers, Anna and Oleg both are fascinated about everything culture, music, art and good food, which they bring this into Les Amis.