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I attended a sound therapy event and it was very unique! Really liked the experience. The best part about the whole Les Amis event that it was a secret until a few hours before the event! So that made it even more interesting! The girls that attended were from all over the world, friendly and unique as well!!

I went to a pottery class organized by Les Amis and it was amazing!! I loved trying something new while making new friends! The girls I met in the event were really interesting and I loved the fact that we were all from different countries. Thank you Les Amis for creating this community, looking forward to the next event!!

I really liked the event, everyone was very friendly and I was sure able to connect with some girls :) I will definitely be back after my travels!

I really really loved the event. It was so grest being in this amazing place, feeling really privileged to step into this beautiful shop with so many interesting people. I loved that we had 2 activities in 1 and both of them were great! And I loved that we got to take home a piece of it (w) All the ladies at the event were really nice and friendly, and through the activities we got to connect with several people. Now we're all following each other on Instagram and that's really nice. I am looking forward to the next event! Thank you again for the great Organisation!


I had fun doing this activity and although I have never experienced working with pottery before it was a nice thing to try. For me it was hard to concentrate on doing both things, talking to people and learn the pottery process, but this would normally happen to me since I have zero multitasking skills (ed) however, I was able to connect with some of the girls on our way home so I would do it again definitely. Thanks again for pulling out this extraordinary events

The event was super cool, I really enjoyed it! The organisation was amazing and I like that you really thought of every detail. The girls attending the event are really nice and we went for drinks and dinner afterwards and we are all in touch, already planning to get out again. For sure, I will apply for the new event soon and I am so happy that I found you guys! Thanks for the great experience

Thanks again for organising the event and creating this community The wine tasting was super fun and definitely helped to get us chatting. We all added each other on Instagram after the event and one of the girls and I are planning on getting coffee soon. I've already recommended Les Amis to a bunch of friends here in Barcelona and I hope that I'll be joining another event soon too! Thanks again!

Thanks again for organizing fun & beautiful trip! (9) I liked the event a lot, not only for the contents itself (visiting unique winery & tasty restaurant) but also getting to meet open-minded ladies! Since we have the entire day, I got the chance to talk to almost all the girls, which's amazing! Looking forward to the next event to join already


Hello! I loved the event, it was really fun! I had the opportunity to connect with a few girls. I would love to join another event in the future 😁

I really appreciated the attention to detail. The care that went into the planning, the choice of the venue, the logistics of it all was very well done. The quality of the activity was also worth the price. I also appreciated that there was no moment that we felt like we were just waiting for something to do, very well managed. Definitely recommended this to more of my Friends.


It was pretty great. Particularly the atmosphere was so fresh, good vibes and nice girls. I'll definitely join future events for sure I actually got to connect to a few girls and we will be meeting again for dinner this week! Thanks a mil for the idea

This was one of the best events I attended! I really enjoyed and whole group was very friendly and nice ! Definitely will be back!

I absolutely loved the event, thank you very much for the wonderful experience. Loved the place, the activity an off course the friends! All the girls are great and it was really nice to meet people that are in similar situations as mine. Can't wait for my next event.


I enjoyed the event. I think the whole experience was really nice from start to end. The hosts and place included. Emily was a sweetheart too. Full of energy and very easygoing and chatty. I did connect with the other girls. In general it was a very empowering evening too. Thanks for setting it up Sofia, sofjohanson thank you for running such a wonderful event! I loved both the activity and the atmosphere which was so friendly and relaxed. Yes i got on so well with all the other girls and am sure I will meet up with some of them 1-on-1 soon for coffee.

First of all I want to say how amazing I find Les Amis' concept of creating a super nice enviroment for Girls to meet new Friends and at the same time experience new activities in this beautiful citv The section of events you organise is great! While staying focused at the pottery wheel it was a bit difficult to engage with the others but nevertheless it was very nice and I would be happy to see the Girls on a different occasion again. Thank you so much for organising everything Anna and providing this unique opportunity. I will join you for more events for sure!

truly loved the event and the girls!! was an amazing experience and to meet new people!! I connect with some of them and even said we should go to search to new spots/ Restaurants!!! Thanks for organizing everything, was absolutely beautiful

The event was great. I think that giving a safe space for everyone to get out of our comfort zone was an awesome way to accelerate the connecting process. It definitely allowed to skip all the awkwardness of first Meetings. I was indeed able to connect with some of the girls. We have made a Whatsapp group and are hoping to hang out again soon, which I'm excited about.

thanks again for organizing this. I very much liked the event. it was very small group, which was great for bonding. The small activities such as choosing a painting, explanations of each wine, and of course meeting new people. I hope you're able to extend this event to couples : I look forward to joining future events


It was a great experience for me!! I'd definitely do it again. I loved the aspect of not knowing what the event will be. I think if I knew the event going into it, I'd be more picky with it and choose events in my comfort zone. This time was the tea ceremony and this is totally something I would never choose as an event but absolutely loved it. It was so relaxing and such a learning experience on not just tasting of tea but the culture behind it. I also loved that it was a small group so you can connect with the other girls more easily.


​​I'm so glad I attended Les amis, i had an amazing time with lovely girls. I would totally do it again! Thanks for the wonderful experience ✨


Well, I can't thank you enough for this event. The tea ceremony was so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. It was an amazing experience in a different culture and I loved the experience. I made a connection with all other girls, we a have a group now as we are already planning the next soirée des filles! Thank you again! You're amazing

It was a great experience! I loved meeting the rest of the girls and tried a new activity! I would repeat a thousand times


Thanks to you it was such a pleasure this lovely event ✨ Super interesting to learn how to make a candle! Really it was a perfect activity, so well organized, a good quality time 💕

A new experience, a good atmosphere and great meetings, perfect to discover new things in a new city! Everything is there to make you feel at ease. I recommend it with my eyes closed 💫

If you want to meet new girl friends from all over the world and do that while trying out new activities this is the thing for you :) absolutely loved the events they’ve organized so far!

Great community of ladies spending time together during handpicked experiences.

Super experience! The art class was fun and relaxed and was a creative bonding opportunity! I would recommend it to girls who want to meet new people in a cool environment. :)


Amazing community of wonderful women and fun events! So far I've been to only one, but looking forward to attend many more.

The girls at Les Amis offer a totally wonderful service! They gave me a brilliant Friday night candle making, a completely unique opportunity to meet like minded people in a new city 💛

Lovely experience! ✨ Everyone was super friendly and kind. The event place was super beautiful. I would love to attend to another one in the future

Les Amis is a great way to meet new girls in the city and make new connections! It was also so nice to try something new together. I would definitely recommend it. You can really tell how much effort and intention is put into each event.

I attended Les Amis wine tasting event at the Art gallery in Born. It was a pleasant experience, the winery owner explained us about the wine he produces, the gallery owner presented us the artists she have. Pleasant atmosphere and people is all about Les Amis! Highly recommend

The workshop that I have been was a great experience for me! Not only the possibility to try something new, but enjoy the atmosphere and meet so many interesting people! We have connected with a couple of girls, can’t wait to meet with them again!😍

I had an amazing time going to one of their events. We did a sound healing session and it was exactly what I needed at that moment. The host is super lovely and kind too! Definitely look forward to attending more of their events!

The event was amazing! The balance between the actual workshop, and connecting with people during it was super nice. I definitely connected with many girls, and am looking forward to making plans with them in the future. Loved it! Looking forward to further events!

I attended the event last Thursday and it was really unique experience, we were having the painting class in the wine bar. It was a very good selection of venue, nice atmosphere, pleasant girls and host. If you are up to expand your social circle and in the same time do something fun, this is a right place for you!😊

Getting to know Barcelona and quality people through exclusive events where beauty and eye for detail are always a must. So happy and proud of being part of this community!


Last week I participated in the pottery class organised by Les amis. The event was fun, it was great to try something new and connect with other girls. The atmosphere was friendly and they chose a beautiful studio for the class as well.


I’ve loved being part of Les Amis - has really impacted my experience in Barcelona

I really enjoyed the afternoon tea event, the Palace Hotel is a beautiful place for an afternoon tea and the girls were super nice and friendly. I met some amazing girls and will definitely meet them outside the les amis events!

I really enjoyed the experience. I had the chance to try a new activity for the first time while I met other funny girls who have many things in common with me. Perfect experience if you want to make new friends from around the world. Highly recommended.

I attended a Painting Class & Picnic in the Park organized by Les Amis and it was an amazing experience!! I had so much fun and the girls I met were incredibly nice! Looking forward to the next event!!

I really liked the idea and the place. Julia and her friends were very nice and really involved. We were a good number so I had the opportunity to share with most of the girls. It was a nice moment really

I went to a winery trip with Les Amis and had a really good time :) It was more than I was expecting. The wine was amazing, the attention to detail was superb and I had a lovely time with everyone 💛 I'm looking forward the next events!

I had a great experience at sound healing event, it was my first time and I really enjoyed it. I was happy to meet new people, it’s a pity that we couldn’t talk much, but I believe we’ll meet later again. I will definitely come back and take part of other events with Les Amis! ❤️


I went to a plants event and it was perfect! The hosts were extremely nice and helpful and we had a lot of fun doing kokedamas! I would event attend to the same event again if I could do it with another plant. More than that, I thought the value for money was excellent! The community girl was very fun and keen on bringing everyone together, and the girls were all great! I have only but good feedback :)

I had an amazing time at the les Amis event. Everyone was so nice and it was easy to connect with other women. As someone new to the city, I’m really glad I joined Les Amis so that I can make friends and explore different activities around the city 🥂

If I could put more stars, I totally would! I absolutely love the idea and aesthetics in everything ✨ I had my first event with Les Amis and I really enjoyed it! All the girls were so nice, friendly, open and so inspiring ❤️ It was easy to connect with everyone, and I feel that everyone had a nice time! It’s such magical community and can’t wait for more events and meeting wonderful ladies ✨ I can’t recommend it enough!

Such an amazing experience, I attended candle making in a historical cereria in Barcelona, the group vibes were so nice and the activity so much fun and creative, totally recommend it ✨

Yesterday I attended my first event with Les Amis and I absolutely loved it. We had a tea ceremony at the beautiful hotel Palace and all the girls I met were super nice, with similar background and interesting experiences to share. I already booked more events and became a member. I would definitely recommend it!!

I've been a member of Les Amis since May 2022 and I've really loved the events, sense of community, and friendships I've made. It's unique and uplifting and I definitely recommend joining or attending an event!


I’m so grateful that this community exists, it’s such a great platform for girls to meet and support other girls 👏❤️ Thank youuu! 🙏✨


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