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Summer ‘22: How was it?

October 19, 2022

Let's recall some of the best memories of Summer'22 with Les Amis

How was your summer? It’s still a question we get asked a lot when we finally catch up with friends and colleagues we haven’t seen for a long time. Well, since the summer is now officially over (yes, in Spain, where Les Amis is available now, it lasts until 25th of September), it’s time to remember our biggest highlights as a community! Here are some of the events, experiences and happenings that we will remember. 

Brunch and NFT

We had our first Members’ Brunch & NFT Talk! Les Amis Founding Member Sabby Rosenblatt is working in the Web3 space as a Community Manager and she was very happy to share her knowledge with us!Here are the key points that we covered:

  • NFTs are part of the Web3 space, where users can create their own content but they also have ownership over said content.
  • NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They are unique digital assets that utilise blockchain technology.
  • NFTs projects have different utilities and usability, which are part of what creates value for the project.

Yacht Parties

During the summer we had a countless number of Yacht Parties for our lovely Les Amis Members. Imagine gliding through the waves when the sun caresses your skin and the sea sparkles are all around you! ☀️ The refreshing taste of natural wines carefully selected by our head sommelier will accompany this moment of pure joy.

Bird Centre

Les Amis Member came to volunteer at the Bird Rescue Center. This bird centre rescues exotic birds from the people and organisations that don't take care of the birds.

Perfume Making

This workshop is organised by our amazing Member and indie perfumer Mila, who has her own perfume brand called House of Gorgona. You will try more than 30 natural materials and molecules and mix your favourite ones together to blend your own perfume.

Bouquet Workshop

In August we had the most beautiful workshop - bouquet making 🌸🌹🌷 Every girl created her own bouquet and the most interesting thing was that with the same flowers everyone had absolutely different bouquet 😍

Painting on Ceramics

At this workshop, ladies paint the bowl and once the paint is baked and the bowl is ready to use, they receive the bowl painted and designed by themselves.

We are sad to say 'bye' to Summer. But we are also excited to start an autumn season, considering all the amazing experiences our event partners prepared for our members!

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