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How Is a Strong Friendship Built?

April 14, 2022

Here is a list of things you can do to turn an acquaintance into good friend

Friends can be complex, challenging, and unbelievably problematic at times. However, friendship is essential for your physical and mental well-being. They enrich our lives with communication, genuine support, and laughter. And who is there to help us when we experience difficult times? A reliable friend. Here are some fundamental ideas you should consider to develop and deepen your friendships.

Schedule Routine Hangouts

Every friendship needs consistency, and spending quality time together every few weeks will strengthen your connection. Set up a weekly or monthly schedule to catch up with your friends - better in person, but can also be online. Although planning hangouts may not be as natural or spontaneous as it should be, having the time on your calendar will probably encourage you to show up and have some fun with your friends. Asking a friend to hang out on a particular day only to find out they already have made other  is far too familiar. Scheduling is essential.

Gossiping Is Fun but Talking About Goals Is the New Cool

When you're spending time with your friends, try not to get involved in gossip all the time. Even though it can be fun and make you feel better about a specific situation, it can also turn unhealthy and toxic sometimes. Make sure to discuss your plans and goals with your friends so you can help each other reach them. You can talk about your professional life, inspirations, dreams, and your perspective on life. All these things will encourage you to stay on track and make your dreams come true.

Be Supportive of Their Decisions

Supporting your friends when you don't like their love interest or realize they have much more excellent career opportunities than they acknowledge can be very difficult. But all you can do is be supportive even if you don't fully agree with their decisions. You cannot dictate all their choices; however, you can show support and encourage them to make the right decision.

Honesty Is the Foundation of Every Relationship

Sometimes being honest is the most challenging thing to do but trust your friendship and be honest about how you feel. If your friend seems to be sabotaging your trust, neglecting you, or frustrating you, let them know. Similarly, they should follow your example if you are the guilty party. Tell the truth about how you feel and what you want from the friendship. But remember, there is a fine line between being honest and being mean. You should know where you need to speak up and where you only need to show support.

Communicate and Resolve

Communication is the key to each healthy relationship. Try to keep in touch and communicate in a way your friend understands. Similarly, let them know if you feel an issue hasn't been communicated properly. A lot of times, people say many things out of emotions. Create a safe space where you can come together and resolve issues.

And remember that while technology can help foster a genuine connection, it can't replace those face-to-face interactions, that are the foundation of healthy and lasting friendships.

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