How it Works

Meet people you like. Create memories together. Stay connected.

Apply on our website and create your Profile

Apply to join the platform. Make sure your profile shines by mentioning your interests, career aspirations and things you can teach others. Don't forget to make it fun!

Meet one new person every week via Random Ami

Get matched with other users via random algorithm every week. Connect in chat and agree to do something together: go to the park, have a coffee or grab lunch together.

Book an experience to meet people and learn something new

Choose from hundreds of exciting events to connect with friendly souls in real life provided by vetted partners. Explore new passions and learn something together: be it a pottery class, yacht trip or a self-development workshop.

Before every event, introduce yourself in a small group chat.

Continue the conversation online. Discuss topics that matter in a private trusted space.

It's like your favourite social network, but only with people you've met through the platform and whose opinion you can trust.


A vibrant women community in your city

Become a part of Les Amis today by filling out the application form. You will find all additional details there.