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Memories and Friendships for your loved ones

Perfect for any occasion, Les Amis Gift Card is a gift of connection and experiences

Les Amis Membership or Event Gift Card is a great present for your female partner or a friend for any occasion. It is a way to say 'I value you', and make them truly joyous.

Whether they like art, music, food or craft experiences, we have something for them. We organise hundreds of experiences to explore passions and learn something new.

But Les Amis is more than just events: it's about sisterhood and strong female circle - things we passionately believe in.

If she is new to the city, or wants to expand a social circle and meet friendly souls that share her values - Les Amis is a great gift. Our Members value quality in everything they touch. They appreciate art, culture and music. They love design, travel and great food. And they support sustainable lifestyle.

Handcrafted ladies-only experiences in English to meet friendly souls

We offer unique classes and experiences in 4 different categories: activity, creativity, craft and food.

In each event, we gather a small group up to 10 people who want to try something new with beautiful strangers.

Our events are aimed at connecting attendees. If you are new to the city, or want to expand your girls circle, this is a place for you.

You will know the specific details on a week of the event.
Below you can find examples of events we typically organise.

Our Members make lasting connections, find support and have fun

We created Les Amis community in a way that promotes sharing, connection, and explores your interests.

Les Amis is a group of friendly souls with whom you can have fun, share your stories, and find support. Our members help each other, launch exciting new projects together, and learn from one another.

Our membership includes 1 event credit per month plus access to exclusive members-only weekly workshops, lectures and experiences, classes, trips and more. They also get access to our Community Platform.


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